Why do we need a new facility?

    The City needs a new Fire Hall/Emergency Services facility that can accommodate the needs of the the Fire Rescue Department, which has occupied a temporary facility for 25 years. The current site cannot accommodate needed expansion or be upgraded to post disaster standards. The existing facility was built as an ancillary hall in 1959. In 1996 the Fire Commissioner's Office recommended decommissioning the Westview Fire Hall and the Cranberry Training Centre and building a new centrally located building.  A full feasibility study of the existing building was done by Johnston Davidson Architects - see Documents for the report.

    Why is it called an Emergency Services Facility and not a Fire Hall?

    The Fire Service has evolved to include responsibilities far beyond fires. Powell River Fire Rescue mandates include everything from fires, hazardous materials response to medical emergency calls.  The name change is a shift in culture that is more inclusive of our role in the community as well as to be welcoming for potential partnerships with other emergency services agencies. In light of this, the Committee will be asking Council to change the name to “Fire Hall/Emergency Services Facility”.

    What is the Emergency Services Facility Advisory Select Committee?

    Council is undertaking a Fire Hall/Emergency Services Facility Review to consider current and future emergency response needs of the City, and the health and safety of its emergency personnel. The Fire Hall/Emergency Services Facility Advisory Select Committee was created in support of this review.

    The Committee's mandate is to:

    1. Review the technical decision-making process and assessments completed to date which have established both the need for a new facility and site location. 
    2. Provide advice to Council on concept designs for the  facility.
    3. Make recommendations on funding strategies and approval process for the project.
    4. Identify potential future community benefits.
    5. Coordinate opportunities to provide the public with information and gather feedback.

    Did the Committee review other sites in addition to the Public Works Yard and Barnet Street locations?

    Yes. In total, the Committee looked at seven sites:

    • 6965 Courtenay Street
    • 5001 Joyce Avenue
    • 7050 Alberni Street
    • 7070 Barnet Street
    • 4726 Manson Avenue
    • 7160 Duncan Street
    • 7516 Duncan Street

    Who is on the Committee?

    On October 17, 2019 Council appointed the following people to the Committee

    • Councillor Maggie Hathaway, Council representative and Protective Services portfolio holder
    • Jim Agius
    • Mark Anderson
    • Deborah Dee 
    • Robert Hill 
    • Stephen Short
    • Ashley Van Zwietering 

    Can I come to a Committee meeting?

    The BC Provincial Health Officer’s new orders have affected attendance at committee meetings. While the orders are in place, members of the public will not be able to attend Fire Hall/Emergency Services Facility meetings. We will update you on this page and the City's website should these orders change. You can also attend the meeting via video.  The link is located on the agenda which is posted on the City’s website as well as this website.